Beginners Guide to Play The Game Of Free Fire Battlegrounds

Free Fire Battlegrounds is a very interesting survival game which requires a lot of skill and strategy to stay alive till the end. For people who haven’t played this game before may find it difficult to compete in this game since you will be competing against 49 other players. To help you out we have prepared a proper guide with the help of which you can play the game nicely. If you want you can also make use of the Free Fire Battlegrounds cheats. Having said that now let’s walk you through the guide.

Beginners guide

Games are meant for everyone so it’s okay if this is your first time. The guide given below is actually made for newbies. So let’s get started with the guide.

1. The first thing that you need to remember is that more than the cosmetics it’s the characters that matter. Cosmetics such as pant, t-shirts etc. are not important. That’s because they do not give you an advantage. The only thing that they do is make your character look cool and that’s all. Therefore, you should not spend much of your in-game currency after these cosmetic items. On the other hand characters are important. There are a total of 8 characters in the game. All of these characters are free to play and you can unlock them as you progress in the game. However, you will be requiring in-game currency in order to unlock them. You can get this currency by using a free fire hack or simply playing/winning matches.

2. In the game you may notice that your sight turns red from time to time. Well, that happens for a reason. The red thing indicates that there is danger or an enemy in front of you. Therefore, you should never ignore these red signals in the game. When the light turns red, it means you will have to hit them. When the red light starts to glow, pull the trigger. You need to be really active and alert in this game. One wrong move can cost you the game.

3. In order to escape from a location or to move faster from a sight make use of a vehicle. They are ideal to be used in such situations. However, you should only use vehicles in the early stages of the game. That’s because a moving vehicle indicates a big exclamation mark which alerts everyone that someone is there. It becomes easier for your enemies to detect you in this way. But in the starting stages when everyone is busy fighting with each other no one will notice a moving target.

4. The next important thing is to realize that combat is not everything in the game. The game is not about who pulls the trigger first but who stays alive till the end. You may be attacked the moment you land on the ground but it’s up to you whether to fight back or play smartly. If you want you can turn the game in a death match but the real satisfaction comes when you play smartly.

5. The next winning mantra in the game is to keep moving around. Do not stand still in the game. You may notice most of your opponents standing still during the first half of the game. But that’s not the way how you play it. The players who are standing still are the ones who are playing the game from their mobile which is a big disadvantage for them. But people who are playing it from their PC have the ability to move with the controls. So it’s better to play the game from PC.

So these are the things that you need to keep in your mind. Follow them and you will play fine.

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